Friday, January 2, 2015

It's Time to Give Up

Totally. Give. Up.

Bad food that is.. Not anything serious! You thought this was going to be something serious.  It never fails, that over the Fall and Winter seasons I gain quite a few pounds. I typically add about 10 - 15 lbs over a very short time frame. Just enough weight to hate my image. It's not because I have a negative view on how the female body should look, it's because I'm not comfortable in my own skin once I hit over 130lbs. Now, 130 is not a bad weight, at all. But when it's mostly fat, and I'm at 25% body fat, it is for my height and sanity.  

SO, it IS serious. Very serious to me. It's time to get serious about health and well being! I cannot allow myself to put on 15lbs every Winter because then I just struggle with the shedding of the weight again in the Spring. I've been eating better already, so I'm not viewing this as a resolution. I don't think a "resolution" holds weight when I promise myself to do them. I've only been able to accomplish one in my "lifetime."

This December is going to be very important. I'll be graduating from East Carolina with my MBA and I don't want to put on the pounds before walking across the stage to be hooded! 

SO. For the next 12 months, I will be giving up a food, food group, or food ingredient that has negative effects on my personal health.

1 per two months, they may repeat, but they will be completely removed from my diet (with supplements for the nutrients that they provide, if any.) If I feel extremely better after one month, I may stick them out for the rest of the year, because why not? I'm writing this to have the community hold me accountable along with myself.  I am already a vegetarian, so there are not many "terrible" things that I can remove; but I will be removing some of the fatty foods that I eat.

Also, I am vowing to not have Taco Bell for the entire year. I have a miserable obsession with TB and their wonderful $1 menu; but when you eat it twice a day or 5 times a week, it's just.... extremely bad for you. Even though I love it... It's time to let it go. :(

So my proposed schedule is below: 

January - February: Soda
March - April: Wheat based products
May - June: Cheese
July - August: Chubby's*
September - October: Guasaca*
November - December: Sweets (any dessert foods, not foods that have a natural amount of sugar)

* For those who are not in North Carolina, Chubby's and Guasaca are two Mexican food restaurants that are fantastically delicious, but can pack the lbs on very quickly.

I will also be joining the NC State gym,  because I get an employee "discount!"

So let's see how this goes. I really hope it goes fantastically.

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