Saturday, July 19, 2014

Some new photos and workout progress

I've been quite busy with school and work recently. I have my first Consumer Behavior test tomorrow and I feel like I've written a paper every night for the past 2 weeks (essentially, I have.)  Have an A so far, so I'm not doing terrible ;).  

IF YOU HAVE IDEAS ON WHAT you'd like to read, leave a comment. I can totally write something for you. :) I might even start writing stories again. Like fan-fictions. I did that in high school.. it's popular. 

I ran across this today; it couldn't be more accurate of how I feel.  Although people tend to tell me I'm an open personality, it's very hard for me to get there with multiple people. I have a small, very small, group of friends that I prefer to hang out with; I don't stray much from them and you probably will see me in front of a T.V. snuggled up with my boyfriend before you'd find me in a bar every weekend. Essentially, this is how I feel: 

BUT, I did work in some time to get some more experience in front of the camera. The wonderful Stephanie Rose Photography took some time out of her schedule and shot me, in the good way. ;)  She is fantastic and these pictures are wonderful! Naturally I seen critiques in my modeling that I could have done better on my side, but the photographs themselves are fantastic!  I AM up for modeling opportunities. If you've come here from my business card, fill out my contact form and I'll get back to you soon. 

SPEAKING of my business cards, I have them in. YES, they are VERY narcissistic, and I like it. See below. I've done some logo creation and business card creation recently (none printed for me to share yet); it's what I enjoy. If you're in the market for business cards, logos, websites ( I have Adobe Muse and can do that junk now), etc., I can help. Fill out the contact form with what you need. I'll respond with pricing.

AND next, work out progress. Not terrible, not great. I've been trying to get back into the swing of things.  We bought a 300lb Olympic weight set; yeah... like I can even use that. The damn bar is 45 pounds. Boyfriend ordered the barbell set that goes with it so I can use the small weights while he's using the big ones. Below is the side view progress. Front progression you cannot see yet because my abs are still stored in their little shed (AKA: The fat.)  I just bought's Vegetarian/Vegan kick starter 7 day meal program, so I'll let you know how that is. It's very Vegan, but it looks promising. I've been a vegetarian for almost 10 years and haven't eaten like this... ever. HAH

The "anti-bloat pill" that I told you about last time: Jamie Eason's anti-bloat pill is essentially just a detox pill. I purchased them because they were fairly priced and I wanted to see what would come from them. The ingredients are not bad, but I can assure you, you will poop your pants (or at least you'll poo a lot.)  A lot of these types of pills will make you really have to pee, because it's just pushing your water weight out, but that wasn't the case.  I was able to sleep just fine after taking them, so that's not a big worry either. Other than that, I don't know if I see any "results" using them. I feel just as I did typically without them. I might go a week without taking them to see if there was actually a change.

Not too much progress, but we'll get there. I think I see a difference in my arms, at least.

OH, and we're a disc golf couple now.  We've only played twice, but it's pretty rad. I bought this awesome disc today from Play It Again Sports in Crossroads Mall in Cary, NC. (We spent 20 minutes reviewing the Innova lists to see which one would fly father, which is meant for our style of throwing... Needless to say, I didn't think it was that in depth. I was wrong.. So I found a cute one and luckily it works for me.)

AND LASTLY, Mewman. ;)

also, yes I realize that the URL of my blog is quite provocative. I think that's why I've had a few Russians on my blog recently. But regardless, sex sells and I'm going with it. At least until I decide to change it to RHF Media and become professional. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Work Out

Yes.. Like the song. That one that goes "Uhhh I work out." No clue what the name of it is..

Regardless, this is my initial post about working out, wooh whoo..  Not too long ago, before muh best friend's wedding, I made a goal to get tone and be able to fit into the tiny bride's maid dress we purchased. Wellll.... I failed miserably, at least at the getting tone part. I started off very well but just could not keep motivated. In the end, I fit (quite snugly) in the Bride's Maid dress and lost all motivation afterward.  I stopped working out and started eating a lot more (and not healthy like I was previously.) Needless to say, I noticed a huge difference. I felt more slugish and definitely heavier; I hated what I looked like and did not feel comfortable in any of my clothes (which is currently still true.) I am by no means heavy, I just am not comfortable in my skin.  That is what my journey is about: being comfortable in my own body.

Now that I'm living with my boyfriend and wanting to start focusing more on modeling, I felt that it was time to get in shape (again.) My boyfriend and I are doing home workouts together: Monster Mass Workout by Mike Chang of Six Pack Shortcuts.  I'm not sure that it's the right plan for me yet (my boyfriend loves it); until I've maxed out on this one or feel like I'm not see results, I'm fine with doing it {mainly because my boyfriend is keeping me motivated :x} What's pretty awesome is my boyfriend's motivation at getting us healthy. He bought me protein, a shaker cup, and some other supplements yesterday (forgot what they're called... I'm good at this.)  The company that I currently work for actually purchased the entire company Nike + Fuel Bands; I've been using this all week to track my progress (although I'm not sure how accurate or effective it is.)

Just from eating better and smaller portions (other than lunch... that gets me every time) I feel much better. It's amazing how much your body bloats from eating too much.  I purchased an Anti-Bloat formula just to see how it works. I'm curious.

This is me currently (picture taken on Monday):

As you can tell, I really am not big. I just need to tone and burn the fat away from certain sections of my body {PS: I only take "workout progress" pictures at night. I feel like pictures at the beginning of the day are cheating because you're the skinniest of the day because you've got less water and food!} 

The supplements: 

  • C4 for Pre-workout (I get all jacked off half a serving because I don't do a lot of supplements like caffeine, etc.)
  • Starwberry Whey Protein (Being a vegetarian, I'm mostly excited about this one. I'm glad to be getting more protein in my diet.) 
  • Labrada Lean Body by Jamie Eason (I just started taking this tonight, so I'll update next post.) 
  • Nike + Fuel Band 
  • & my shaker cup. c: 

Here's a picture of my cat laying on our T.V. remote :) 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Modeling Pictures & Some Interesting Design

This weekend I got to shoot with Brittney Bergstrom Photography again and naturally she captured some very beautiful photos.  When I saw some of them, I got the itch to get back into some design work.  Below are the photos I edited and links to the tutorials I used. I do not have formal training in Photoshop, so these are my first attempts. (Make it to the bottom and there's an introduction to my cat!)

This photo and tutorial were the ones from which I worked. 

This one was a sort of "on the fly," figuring out the pen tool again. It's been quite a few years since I've done actual creative work in Photoshop. 

I'm not super happy with this one at all. I'll be redoing it, but like I said, these were the first attempts at these styles. 

Mewman's Clog: 
A few people have told me and so has the internet, that cats rule on the lines. So in light of that, going forward, every other post I will be including "Mewman's Clog" (that's Cat Blog, if you were curious.)  Every other post will be body work out progress. But as this is his first clog post, I will be using it as an introduction!

Without further ado, I'd like to introduce everyone to Chicory Cosmo Toothless "Mewman" Radley, Mewman for short. ;)  Mewman is a 4 year old handsome little domestic short hair who's favorite thing to do is... well... mew. That's how he got his "name."   He loves being an only cat and really does not like other animals. He takes a long time to warm up to new hoomans, but I like him. He cuddles a lot and greets me at the door every day when I get home from work.  He's my favorite little dude.  He has been married once, to a lovely little lady named Boo (get it... Boo Radley?) but she actually wasn't very nice and neither was her mom. I'm glad they're divorced now.

I'll have updates on him as we go. He's not very... cat interesting. But we'll make something up. ;) 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Touching Tribute

As many people know, or most of you may not know, I am in school for my M.B.A.  Today in my Consumer Behavior class, while commenting on another students discussion board posting, I was presented with the videos below: 

The prompt was Cause-related Marketing; the question was: "What would happen if a major retailer were to run a national television ad featuring a gay couple?"  Many people spoke about the recent debacle with Chick-Fil-A, including myself, but one student shared the two videos above.  In all honesty, the videos almost brought me to tears.  I am all for equal rights for all people, whether they are gay, straight, tattooed, interracial, etc.  The viral opportunity that Honey Maid jumped on not only got over 7 million views, but was presented in such a great way to show their support for all types of families.

The actual commercial itself was very well done. I'm not sure how it got so much backlash, but I'm very glad to see that it got over 10 times more acceptance. In this day and age, I don't understand how people can be so small minded as to comment out against any differences in people. I know I've been one to call someone stupid, but that's a different aspect than talking about someone's lifestyle.

Regardless, I have much more respect for Honey Maid and Nabisco than I did before.  To those people that disapprove of this type of marketing, they better get used to it. As America becomes more and more acceptable of differing cultures, more and more different marketing styles will expose themselves. 

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