Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Most Magical Experience - Part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote about part of one of the most magical experiences in my entire "lifetime" (because that's been such a long.) I visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with my boyfriend for our first year anniversary.  It was a fantastic and magical experience; the rest of Orlando Studios and Islands of Adventure was alright too.

Last time, I wrote about Diagon Alley.  This time, Hogsmeade. I wasn't afraid to say it last post, and I'll say it again. I almost cried multiple times because I was so excited to be in a place that replicated some of my most fondest memories of all time.

Train Station, Platform 9 3/4, and the Train Ride: 

Cried, tears of pure joy.  It's was very, very perfect. They had a section of the station where when standing at one point, it looked like people were actually "running" through the wall to get the Platform 9 3/4 (and it really looked as if they disappeared, it was pretty awesome.)  The train itself was great! 

The train ride, which goes both ways, has a video that plays through the "window."  A different video for each ride (one for the way to Hogwarts and the way back.) Some very fantastic footage! It also has the three (Harry, Hermione, and Ron) walk past your window. I was sad, however, because I'm guessing Emma Watson didn't have time to come record her voice. The voice actor they used sounded nothing like Emma. :( But still, overall it was fantastic. 

Off the Train, to Hogsmeade: 

Still crying, by the way. It was so wonderful.  As soon as I could see the castle over the top of Hogsmeade village, I cried.  The snow cover roof tops, the cobblestone streets, Hogs Head, the stores, the butterbeer: everything was perfect. It was so well laid out and so well thought out.  Walking through Hogwats castle was such a great experience. I wanted cry again, but there were too many people around that time. hah. Walking through Hogwarts castle is actually a ride at the end. I don't really remember much of the ride (because it's been 2 months now,) but I know the castle was very in line with what was show in the movies. Some of the most iconic relics of the books/movies were in the castle.

Hogsmeade was also the portion that actually had roller-coasters. As these parks are "theme parks" and not "amusement parks," many of the rides were 3D type rides. We didn't enjoy that, but the Harry Potter ones I went on anyways because... I mean... it's Harry Potter.  The Flight of the Hippogriff roller-coaster, however, was great.

Breakfast at The Three Broomsticks

As I mentioned in my last post, our vacation package came with 2 meals per person; one at the Leaky Cauldron and another at The Three Broomsticks.

Both restaurants were fantastic, but this one was more of a order and serve, "fast food" kind of restaurant. You order and have your food before you leave to get to a table. I like the idea of the Leaky Cauldron better, but the food is the same at both restaurants.  Both my boyfriend and I ordered something different than we had previously to test out the menu more. Both meals were fantastic. I had  more fruit than my stomach could handle and it was very fresh.

Florida in late October was fantastic weather wise, so little birdies were flying in and out of the restaurant. It was actually quite funny.

If you want to see more pictures, please visit my Facebook page. It was a great experience and I took hundreds of pictures. I just did not want to overload my load times by putting them all here. :)

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