Sunday, December 7, 2014

DIY Window Frame Mirror - Simple and Easy!

Another DIY Project how-to! :) 

I've admired many of these DIY Window Frame Mirror projects on Pinterest. I thought I had a few pinned to my boards, but I was clearly mistaken! I must of just Googled the steps. :) They are EXTREMELY simply to make and can add a mirrors touch to any room. I've used one of the two that I made in my office at work. It's great. I've always wanted a mirror in my office, but didn't want to spend the money. These were only about $10 a piece! That's right, TEN DOLLARS! 

Only 4 ingredients for a successful project! What you'll need: 
  1. A new or used window frame. My best friend was able to find a lot of them on Craigslist for around $50 dollars. I'm not sure how many she picked up, but I purchased 2 off of her for $10. You can probably find them at Habitat ReStores! 
  2. Rust-Oleum - Mirror Effect Spray Paint. One can and I was able to make both mirrors. I could have applied a few more coats, so one can seemed to be good. 
  3. Painter's Tape. You don't really need it. I honestly only taped the first one out and figured out that I didn't need it! But it may be nice to have if you want to do some sort of pattern on your window. 
  4. Window Cleaning Product of your choice. 

Clean your mirror, both sides, thoroughly! Make sure you let it dry. I did not and it left streaks on the mirror. It actually looked fine, as they are kind of "vintage." It added to the feel. 

I'll preface the first step by saying it is not necessary unless you are going to make patterns in your windows. Painter's tape isn't necessary. 

Make sure you read the back of your Mirror Effect can. It's essential that you spray the back side of your window (IE: the side that you do not want to display.)  If you're going to use Painter's Tape, tape the back side of your window in the pattern or on the sides (if you want to keep them clean.)

Shake your Mirror Effect can very well. About 2 minutes (or at least 1 minute.) 

Beginning straying away! Make sure you evenly coat the backside.  It only takes about 5 minutes for each coating to dry, which is fantastic! It makes the project very short. The pictures below were after 1 coat (you can see it drying) and then after 3 coats. I only used 3 coats as I felt like it gave me the desired effect I was looking for.

The Final project looked great! I was so happy with it. Here it is below only minutes after completion. I happened to do both at the same time (sprayed one, let it dry, sprayed the other, etc.) 

Here is the second one in my office (with some other of my craft projects that I'll do a How-To for after Christmas.) 

Such a simple product to make great home or office decor!