Monday, September 29, 2014

Updates - updates everywhere!

Oh, how can one person not be as excited as I am with so much going on in life?!

MBA Update 

Firstly, I did fail that Accounting exam. :( But with a 12 point curve (clearly I wasn't the only one that did terribly), I was about to pass with a C. It looks like I'm living by the "B's & C's get degrees" with this course. As long as I remain about a 3.0 GPA by graduation, I should be good to go. I know that I will have that, easily. :) -brag,brag,brag-  I'll just have to devote much more of my time to studying for the next exam... Because that's fun.

Get Her to The Wheel - I'll be Reaching Out More

With a following starting to gain on social media sites, I'm going to reach out to a different non-profit/local charity to see if they are accepting of me using their likeness. The one non-profit I reached out to has not gotten back to me, and sadly but fortunately I'd like to get something chosen soon so we can all start raising funds! :) 

Please make sure to follow the pages below so that you can stay up-to-date on the progress. 

Facebook: Search: Get Her to the Wheel. (I cannot get a personal URL until 25 fans. :()

Twitter: Personal Twitter I'll be using for now

Instagram: @gethertothewheel / Get Her to the Wheel Instagram

Wizarding World of Harry Potter 

With Harry Potter World under a month away, I don't think that I could be any more excited!  We've got a breakfast planned at both The 3 Broomsticks and the Leaky Cauldron.  Dinners and lunches will more than likely be sandwiches and chips so that we can save some money! Since flights are undeniably expensive, we're going to be driving down to Florida.  That itself will save us quite a bit of money, not only on the cost of the flights, but the shuttle and taxi fees if we wanted to get anywhere other than the hotel.  I'm going to be buying a fanny pack. My boyfriend laughs at me when I tell him, but I need somewhere to put my phone and camera in order to take pictures and make sure all of our tickets/electronics/etc. don't get lost or wet! 

Would anyone recommend making a plan of action for the days we'll be in the park? We have early park admission to one of the Harry Potter parks, so I know we'll be hitting the rides in that park before our breakfast, but what about the other parks? If you've been to Harry Potter World, how long does it take in that one section of the park? 

Update on the Body Process 

I'm sure you can tell from my face on the right, I am not happy (the right is the newest)! Although there is a difference in the two pictures, I am NOT in an way sitting where I want to be. But I can definitely contest to not putting in the amount of effort that is required. I thought being unemployed was going to make me want to get up during the day and run; well, that didn't happen. 

I am setting today as the last day of my laziness. I'm actually not going to give up this time; yes, I do very much so love cheese, but I'm not going to allow myself more than a handful of it a week! By the time Harry Potter World comes, I plan on being down to none.  Cheese is the death of my diet (on top of Taco Bell!) Today was my last day of Taco Bell and my last day of cheese. For now, I'll be back on the Natalie Jill Vegan/Vegetarian Kickstarter Meal Plan hoping to shed those last few pounds. 

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