Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I'll Be Starting a Social Campaign - Get Her to the Wheel

For a very, very long time, I have wanted one very random, and very off-the-wall experience: to play on Wheel of Fortune.  I've applied many times and never heard back. I've always missed the Wheelmobile. It's just simply something that I'd like to do before life gets busy and I get too old, but you're never too old to Wheel!  Wheel of Fortune is something that I share with just about every member of my family. From my father's side of the family, to my mommy's side of the family, even with my boyfriend, I've watched this show and experienced others winnings and feelings with many of them.

With odds like 1,000,000 people applying and only 600 people getting on the show, I wanted to attempt a different route to gain attention of the Wheel of Fortune members! I will be starting a campaign called: Get Her to the Wheel. I'm spanning it over all social media! I'm creating it's own Instagram page, possibly it's own Twitter Page, and definitely it's own Facebook page. You can follow those pages below and help out all you can! Share it to your friends, post it to the Wheel of Fortune wall, tag +wheeloffortune / @wheeloffortune on Twitter, and use #wheel on Instagram!

I'm not doing this completely for personal gain. I've decided that if I do make it onto the show, half of the winnings I get will go to a local charity.

Another reason I'm doing this is to see if some of the social media skills I've gained can actually be put to good use. :) I need your help though! Help me by sharing pictures I post, liking the Facebook/Instagram/My Twitter below and share the mess out of that stuff!

Facebook: Search: Get Her to the Wheel. (I cannot get a personal URL until 25 fans. :()
Instagram: @gethertothewheel / Get Her to the Wheel Instagram

We can do this! I believe is you and me and everything. There is potential I will be starting a Kickstarter/GoFundMe to support the foundation that I choose. I will need to do some solid research to see which charity I'd like to support!


  1. What charity are you considering?

    1. That will be decided either today or tomorrow! I need to reach out to some places to make sure they are okay with me using their name and supporting them.

      But I'm definitely thinking about 2 persons: charity and a local non-profit called Safe Haven for Cats.

  2. Oh I've heard of Safe Haven for Cats!! What a fantastic cause! If you call them ask to speak to Pam Miller or Teresa Nichols. They should be able to help you!


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