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What Women Want - Or At Least, This Woman

I've been reading quite a few articles/blog postings/hateful trash recently from many different facets.  Make-up, healthy living, music, entertainment, and recently, a lot of what has been going around my Facebook news feed: What Women Want.

Firstly, I do not think you can simply write a list of things that will fit every single one person/reader that is attentive to your blog/websites.  I've read many articles, many from the good ole Huffington Post, and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about them.  I'm also not entirely certain how I feel about most of the writers who work with Huff Post. In all honesty, I find the mass amount of these articles offending! I'm not sure how the women who write and read these articles can agree and see themselves in the light that authors write them in, but if that's how they feel then sure.  I suppose that is a generational thing, but many of these articles are extremely sexist.  Surprisingly, there are more written by men than you would assume.

After the Jeopardy column a few weeks ago (which I was pretty disappointed about, read here [yes I realize it's a Huff Post article]), I couldn't help but write something like this.

So here it goes: What Women REALLY want. Or at least, what this woman wants.  These are in no particular order. All play an equal part, in my happiness, at least. It's really all about Maslow and his Hierarchy. Just like men, women want the world, that's why there is such a power struggle. And that power struggle shouldn't really be, but it is.

1. A Loving Relationship

Regardless of if it is with a man, a woman, food, herself, or her animal (not sexually, you nasty), a woman wants to be loved. But that is nothing different than what any other person wants. Women, men, transgender, etc. all want to be loved, deep down.  And if a women is in love, she doesn't want to hear what you have to think. Regardless of whom a women loves, she doesn't really want your input into their/her relationship. Unless of course you are her mother. Then she has to listen.

And if she doesn't want to be in a relationship, leave her alone. It's absolutely fine for a woman to be in love with herself or her career and not be interested in a long term commitment with another being. IT'S ACCEPTABLE and leave her alone.

2. Self-Worth

This is a really difficult category.  Self-worth comes in many ways, and many of those ways are stated below. But woman really do want to love the way they look, feel, and their understanding of their body, mind, and soul.  Equal alignment of the three is a great way in which a woman (or man) can gain self-worth.  Naturally, this is one of the hardest portions of personal acceptableness that a person can come along.

3. Equality

You should have already realized that I've mentioned she AND he in this article. If you had not, I just told you.  And there is a reason. Most woman want to be seen as EQUAL to every counterpart that they run into. From work to personal relationships, women in this day and age want to be see as an equal counterpart.  Yes there are the outer rim that don't feel this is necessary, but I am damn sure not one of those people.

Women and men, alike, should all have the same abilities in life.  But this does not stop at jobs and pay.  I feel that men and women should be held to the same accountability in all of their life decisions and choices, but that's a completely different subject.

4. A Rewarding Career

And it's not just the 9 to 5 type of jobs of which I'm speaking.  If a woman, or man, wants to be a stay at home mother/father, and that's rewarding to that person, then leave them alone about it. If that's how someone feels most rewarded, then that's the career that is meant for them.  If someone is able to provide the love and life that a child needs and gains great personal reward from that, then that's a career.

But on the flip side, if a woman or man doesn't want children and puts their heart and sole into the career for which they are passionate, then that's perfectly okay too.  I'm in this category and I could not feel more rewarded after coming home from a day's work.

5. A Friendship That Will Last the Ages

Moms, best friends, girl friends, or boy friends, woman really do want that person or those people who will be there with them throughout the years.  Friendship can add fun and passion to a woman's life (or at least it does to mine) and boyfriends/girlfriends can be that friend.  The joy a person can gain from friendship is like no other. It's like the love of an animal, but from a person that can actually speak human back to you. I mean, that's kinda cool.

6. Independence

From men, from the world, from her mind, from her family (financially), women want to be free.  If she wants to run around naked, she wants to be free to do it. Free to make her own decisions and free to do as she pleases. If she wants to plant a garden in the back yard, she's going to do it. If she wants to build a car, she's going to do that, too. Being held down isn't cool, man.

7. To Contribute 

Financially, physically, emotionally, and mentally, she wants to provide whatever it is that she can.  And she REALLY doesn't want to be put down and made fun of because she isn't able to contribute as much as someone else.  Whether it's a friendship or relationship, but wants to contribute.  Some women, if they're like me, might even dislike the fact that she's not able to contribute as much and will push herself or attempt to grow in order to do so.

And Sure, we do love a good pair of jeans, thanks Jeopardy. But who doesn't? Men love jeans, too. Don't get me wrong, this isn't ALL women want. These are just 7 things that I could think of off the top of my head.

I don't know about all women, but I do know about my friends and myself. Many of us fit into these few things.

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  1. it's definitely what i want too. great post


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