Thursday, August 7, 2014

Do It Yourself (DIY) and Home Decor are a Blogger's Essential

It is very apparent that Do It Yourself (DIY) postings are a blogger's essential go to, especially to get their blog seen. Even though it's an over-saturated market, I've decided that I'll be postings tidbits of DIY/Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes/Home Decor.  I almost want to refer to them as "Ballin' on a Budget" because I do not make a ton of money for DIY projects. But DIY projects are typically inexpensive, or at least the the ones that I've completed have been. And they are fulfilling.

Some of my attempts so far:

Most of the items I've purchased have either been from Michael's on deep, deep sale or from Thrift Stores in the area of Raleigh, NC.  The vase in the picture above was provided by my best friend's wedding!  Both small trees, butterflies, all vase fillings, wall decor, and lantern came from Michael's on sale.  They were a great deal! The whole ordeal (which decorated my living room and bathroom) cost just over $45 dollars.  The candle holder, which I've had nearly 2 years and just now put LED candles in, is from Habitat for Humanity: ReStore. It's a wonderful addition to the bedroom!

The bed spread set was actually a very good steal from Ollie's Bargain Outlet!  The original set cost over $250 (according to the Kohl's website) and my boyfriend and I ended up finding it at Ollie's for $59.99. It came with all the pillows, pillow cases, bed skirt, and comforter.  It just so happened that I already had light blue sheets and blue and brown go great together!

My Next Project 

I've very excited about my next DIY project.  I'm going to "upcycle" some photo frames. It's not really going to be upcycling because I'm going to purchase them new and simply paint them to the color of my walls.  The photo below is going to be similar to what I'm going to do, just on a smaller scale. I don't need that many pictures hanging on the walls of our apartment!  I'm actually going to hang pictures in the frames, so it will be a bit different than the scale below, but it will be similar in style. 

Sourced from: Picture Perfect: Hanging a Wall Collage by Lauren Conrad


  1. Brittney BergstromAugust 8, 2014 at 7:55 AM

    Oh I just love the idea of a photo wall! You can buy some spray paint...Lowe's has a nice color selection and then go to town. Sometimes they even have latex paint marked down because they were returns.

    1. That's exactly what I was thinking! Trying to find some on sale spray paint, if not even at Michael's with my coupons! :)


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